Polyurethane Systems

Polyurethane is probably the most versatile material on the planet, used for everything from car dashboards to domestic roof insulation, and here at Edu-Chem we supply an extensive range of polyurethane materials to suit most applications. Whether you are looking to use polyurethane to manufacture products in a factory environment, or you're a contractor in the construction industry looking for the right product for your business, we can help you find the right PU product for your market.

As the only company in the U.K. to offer such a versatile range of polyurethane systems, as well as all of the associated equipment, training and support required, Edu-Chem can fulfil all of your PU requirements.

Contracting Applications

Polyurethane foam insulation has been used extensively for over 30 years to provide outstanding; thermal insulation, roof and wall stabilisation, air-tightness, condensation prevention and more. Look here to find a system to suit your project.

Factory Applications

Polyurethane foam, coatings and polyurea are used in a wide range of factory applications, we can help you to decide which system is right for your application and provide assistance throughout the process.

Browse by Product

Most common polyurethane products. If you know which PU product you need; closed-cell spray, open-cell spray, high-density, coatings, etc, look here to locate the right system and find more information

Browse by Application

Find the right polyurethane system for your application. If you know what you are looking to use PU for but you're not sure where to find the right system, use this section to search the most used applications

Technical Support to Keep You Working

Our technical support team is dedicated to providing advice, troubleshooting and maintenance to keep you working.

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