Suppliers of Polyurethane Systems and Equipment

Edu-Chem Ltd provide a complete, integrated solution for polyurethane and polyurea applications in both factory and contracting applications. As the only supplier in the country to offer a full range of polyurethane and polyurea materials, as well as all the associated Graco, Gusmer, Glascraft and Low-Pressure application equipment, spares, training, troubleshooting and advice required, we can offer a complete polyurethane solution from one reliable source.

As a family run business with a combined knowledge of the polyurethane industry of over 50 years, we understand the needs and requirements of companies of all sizes and can work with you to tailor a solution designed around your company. With experience in the polyurethane industry dating back to its first major introduction to the U.K. in the 1970’s, we can provide all the knowledge and expertise required to make your polyurethane or polyurea application a success.

High Performance Equipment for Superior Results

Complete range of Graco plural-component proportioner systems, suitable for any type of polyurethane foam and coating application.

Polyurethane and Polyurea Systems

Complete range of polyurethane and polyurea systems, suitable for almost any contracting or factory application and specified to meet your needs.

Low-Pressure PU Application Equipment

We can help advise and specify on all aspects of low-pressure PU application equipment for virtually any in-house application.

Technical Support to Keep You Working

Our technical support team is dedicated to providing advice, troubleshooting and maintenance to keep you working.

Range of Spares for Gusmer Spray Equipment

We have a range of spares available for Gusmer spray machinery, as well as other types of equipment.

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