Commercial Buildings

Commercial and industrial buildings up and down the U.K. have benefited from the installation of EduFoam insulation for over 20 years, even some of the first buildings to be insulated are still seeing the rewards today in lower fuel bills. As EduFoam insulation loses very little of its original properties through time, sagging, settling or other affects, the benefits gained by installing EduFoam today will still be around for years to come. With the likelihood that fuel and utility bills will keep rising, investing in EduFoam insulation now will provide an excellent return-on-investment throughout the life of the building.

As commercial and industrial buildings tend to be larger and more complex shapes and structures, as well as the fact that the occupiers usually cannot afford any down-time for their operations, a lot of building owners are put off the investment in thermal insulation due to time and cost constraints. However, as EduFoam is spray applied directly to the surface of the structure without the need for extra fixings, installation time and inconvenience can be kept to a minimum.

Choosing to invest in EduFoam insulation for commercial and industrial buildings offers many benefits for owners and occupiers, including:

  • Easily installed to even the largest and most complex buildings — reducing disruption to the workplace
  • Can be applied to virtually any substrate — allows building owners to insulate areas which other forms of insulation couldn’t
  • Seals gaps around junctions, roof lights, etc — drastically reduce unwanted air-leakage and heat-loss
  • Works effectively in summer as well as winter — reduces heat gain in summer keeping internal temperature more manageable
  • Can eliminate condensation — stop potential health and safety hazards as well as costly disruption

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Commercial Asbestos Encapsulation

Commercial Asbestos Encapsulation /

EduFoam sprayed insulation can be used to encapsulate older asbestos containing substrates, preventing the release of fibres

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Commercial Condensation Prevention

Commercial Condensation Prevention /

EduFoam is used extensively in commercial buildings, particularly on metal and asbestos surfaces, to eliminate and prevent condensation

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Commercial External Applications

Commercial External Applications /

External applications of EduFoam sprayed insulation include weather-proofing as well as heat savings

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Commercial Internal Applications

Commercial Internal Applications /

EduFoam insulation can be applied to the interior of walls and roofs on commercial buildings, providing excellent thermal insulation and draught-proofing

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