Marine Applications

For many years now, polyurethane has been specified for many different applications in the marine industry due to its unique ability to be tailored to the project. Whether PU foam is needed to insulate the cabin of a narrow boat, reduce cooling costs for cold stores on fishing vessels, provide buoyancy for pontoons and buoys or any other application, Edu-Chem can supply a suitable polyurethane system and any advice required. Along with many other benefits, polyurethane foam can provide:

  • High levels of thermal insulation per unit thickness — allowing insulation levels to be met with minimal depth of insulation and delivering valuable space savings
  • High water vapour resistivity — controlling condensation even on steel hulls with minimal depth of insulation
  • High closed cell content — resisting the passage of water even when submerged and preventing loss of insulation properties when dried out
  • Can be poured, sprayed or injected — virtually any space can be insulated quickly and easily
  • Can be tailored to suit the application — Edu-Chem can supply foams specifically designed to perform functions such as buoyancy, acoustic or thermal insulation

Edu-Chem supply a wide range of EduFoam systems, suitable for virtually any marine application, and also have a network of approved contractors throughout the U.K. specialising in many different areas of expertise. For further information on any specific area of interest please see the relevant sections below, alternatively please feel free to call us on 0161 876 8040 or click here to contact us for more information

Marine Condensation Prevention

Marine Condensation Prevention /

Condensation Prevention EduFoam sprayed insulation is used extensively in a wide range of marine applications, from narrow boats and house boats through to storage containers on ocean-going ships, to eliminate and prevent condensation problems. Due to the nature of application and the excellent insulation values and water vapour resistivity, EduFoam…

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Fishing Vessel Insulation

Fishing Vessel Insulation /

Fishing Vessel Insulation Modern fishing vessels are, to a large extent, food processing and storage facilities which require specific and specialised conditions to function correctly. Where internal conditions can’t be kept as they should, both in storage and living facilities, the fishing boats can’t function as they should. Using EduFoam…

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Narrow Boat Insulation

Narrow Boat Insulation /

Narrow Boat Insulation EduFoam sprayed insulation provides the ideal solution to insulate and prevent condensation in narrow boats, wide beam boats, dutch barges, cruisers and virtually any other form of marine craft. When building or fully renovating a narrow boat, one of the most important factors to consider is the…

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Buoyancy for Pontoons

Buoyancy for Pontoons /

Buoyancy for Pontoons EduFoam insulation can be used quickly and easily to provide added buoyancy, or simple void filling, in new and used pontoons and other flotation devices. Where used pontoons and other flotation devices get punctured and take on water, EduFoam can be used to fill the void to…

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