Agricultural Buildings

EduFoam sprayed insulation is used extensively in all types of agricultural buildings, and on a wide range of different substrates, to perform varying tasks depending on the application. As sprayed foam insulation has been installed to thousands of farm buildings in the U.K. over the last 30 years, building owners and occupiers can have confidence that EduFoam will outperform other forms of insulation for years to come.

Among the many benefits of choosing EduFoam sprayed insulation for farm buildings are:

  • Heating/cooling works more effectively — saving money on bills and keeping crops/livestock more comfortable
  • Increased air-tightness — minimises unwanted heat loss/gain
  • Any size or shape of building can be insulated quickly and easily — minimises disruption and keeps the building working
  • Eliminates condensation — guaranteed solution to condensation problems on roofs and walls
  • Highly resistant to rodents, pests and birds — helps block entry routes and keep out pests
  • Durable insulation with little or no loss of properties over time — savings on heating/cooling costs will increase as bills go up over time
  • Bonds to nearly all construction materials — even old asbestos or metal sheets can be insulated easily

For more information on specific applications, please take a look through the relevant sections below or feel free to call us on 0161 876 8040 or click here to contact us

Agriculture Asbestos Encapsulation

Agriculture Asbestos Encapsulation /

EduFoam sprayed insulation can be used to encapsulate older asbestos containing substrates, preventing the release of fibres

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Agriculture Condensation Prevention

Agriculture Condensation Prevention /

EduFoam is used extensively in farm buildings, particularly on metal and asbestos surfaces, to eliminate and prevent condensation

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Agriculture External Applications

Agriculture External Applications /

External applications of EduFoam sprayed insulation include weather-proofing as well as heat savings

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Agriculture Internal Applications

Agriculture Internal Applications /

EduFoam insulation can be applied to the interior of walls and roofs on farm buildings, providing excellent thermal insulation and draught-proofing

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