Reactor Heated Hoses

Manufactured by Graco, Reactor heated hoses offer features that help to maintain proper fluid temperatures whilst you're spraying - resulting in better yield and performance.
  • Available in low pressure (2000 psi / 138 bar) and high pressure (3500 psi / 241 bar)
  • Copper heated hoses are designed specifically for Graco proportioners
  • Covered with proprietary butyl cover for protection against moisture sensitive isocyanate
  • Hoses covered with foam insulation for better heat retention
  • Different fitting sizes on isocyanate and resin hoses prevent accidentally connecting the wrong hoses together
  • Hoses use custom designed splice kit to electrically connect hoses without having to run copper under the fittings
  • Helix-design whip hose uses braided copper wires for added flexibility and longer life
Available in: Low Pressure (2000 psi / 138 bar) and high pressure (3500 psi / 241 bar) Hose lengths: Standard Hose 50ft Whip Hose Lengths: 3ft and 10ft
Reactor Heated Hoses

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