Reactor E-20

Graco Reactor E-20 has now been upgraded with the latest technology, based on the H series platform. The E-20 now comes with material data and systems diagnostic, giving the operator more control and greater reliability.
  • Advanced system controls giving greater reliability
  • Mid to High output applications
  • Powerful hybrid heaters provide better temperature control
  • Quick knockdown pumps for easier maintenance
Heater wattage and power (6.0kW heater): 48A-230V, 1-ph; 32A-230V, 3-ph; 24A-400V, 3-ph Maximum output: 20 lb/min (9 kg/min) Maximum fluid working pressure: 2000 psi (138 bar, 13.8 MPa) Maximum fluid temperature: 190° F (88° C) Maximum hose length: 210 ft (64 m) Applications: Wall insulation, tank and pipe coating, in-plant OEM, adhesives and caulk, rim and band joist
Reactor E-20

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