Modular Building Manufacture

Using EduFoam to insulate modular buildings can provide excellent heat savings and draught-proofing with a minimal depth of insulation, providing valuable space saving where internal room is at a premium. As EduFoam sprayed insulation has a thermal conductivity value almost twice as efficient as some other forms of insulation, required levels of thermal insulation can be achieved with as little as half the depth of insulation. As EduFoam insulation loses very little of original installed values through; age, sagging, settling and other factors, once installed the EduFoam insulation system will not need any maintenance and will not leave cold-spots behind any panelling. Investing in EduFoam polyurethane insulation can provide numerous benefits in modular buildings, including:

  • Space savings on the interior of the building
  • Prevents and eliminates condensation problems
  • No maintenance needed once the system is installed
  • Excellent thermal insulation and draught proofing
  • Applied directly to the surface — even on corrugated/profiled sheeting
  • Can be installed underneath solid floors

As EduFoam is spray applied, allowing it to mould itself directly to the surface, there are no gaps in the insulation envelope which could lead to problems of condensation behind roof and wall panelling. Due to the high vapour resistivity of the EduFoam system when installed, surface condensation can be prevented in the majority of cases without the need for a Vapour Control Layer. When buildings are suitably assessed, and ventilated according to the calculations, the risk of interstitial condensation where EduFoam has been installed will be minimal.


Where complex buildings or shapes need to be insulated, EduFoam can be installed by our recommended contractors quickly and easily with the minimum of fuss and disruption. By adhering directly to the surface to be insulated, even where the shape is complex, EduFoam sprayed insulation will provide a complete layer of insulation with no gaps or cold spots.

EduFoam insulation can be used in many areas of modular building manufacturing, including:

  • Internal roofs
  • Internal walls
  • Internal floors
  • Underside of floors
  • Partitions
  • Externally with coatings

Where required, we can provide manufacturers with detailed insulation value calculations for specific projects.

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