Hot Water Cylinders

Well insulated hot water cylinders and tanks can retain heat for far longer than un-insulated tanks, saving energy on heating the water and money on bills. For many years hot water cylinder manufacturers have been using polyurethane foam to insulate their products, the main reasons for this are the years of testing that have gone into determining the best materials for the job.

Superior Insulation

Polyurethane has been tested against and alongside other forms of insulation to determine the most efficient method of insulating hot water tanks, throughout these tests polyurethane foam insulation has demonstrated:

  • Superior levels of insulation — polyurethane foam provides the most efficient thermal insulation suitable for insulating hot water tanks and cylinders
  • Superior application — the foam insulation is spray applied and adheres directly to the surface of the tank, this provides superior coverage even on cylindrical or complex shaped tanks
  • Minimal thickness required — polyurethane foam insulation provides greater insulation levels with less depth of material, this can deliver valuable space savings and reduce overall weight


As polyurethane foam insulation is spray applied as a liquid, it adheres directly to the surface of the tank and forms a long-lasting bond. Due to this application, the foam insulation drastically reduces heat loss from the external surface of the tank through convection, conduction and radiation and provides a superior level of thermal insulation overall. Edu-Chem can advise manufacturers on the best way to carry out their application, as well as providing all the; equipment, materials, training, advice and support they need to make the application a success.

Finished Product

Once applied and cured, the polyurethane forms a rigid layer of insulation which is bonded directly to the surface and is resistant to impact damage, moisture ingress and other forms of degradation. Due to the nature of application, even complex shaped tanks can be insulated to a high standard quickly and easily using polyurethane foam.

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