Open Cell Pour Foam


This Edufoam system is an all-round pour applied, open-cell, semi-rigid polyurethane system which is formulated for the insulation of cavity walls and other building comp0nents.


This EduFoam system has been formulated to have a good flowability, manageable viscosity and excellent adhesion, making it ideal for general pour work on any of the following:

  • Cavity walls
  • Partition walls
  • Void filling
  • Acoustic/sound dampening

Application Techniques

This foam system is designed as a pour applied foam and therefore has a slower reaction time, this allows the foam to be poured into the area to be treated and settle into all gaps, filling voids before it begins to cure. The foam should be applied only by contractors experienced in the application, or by manufacturers after advice and training, as specific drill patterns, moulds, clamps, etc may be required

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