Solving Nail Fatigue on a Slate Roof

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Case Study – Nail Fatigue on Slate Roof

The Situation

This 1930’s terraced house with its original slate roof was starting to cause problems to the homeowner, the original fixing nails holding the slates in place had started to perish and the slates were slipping out of position and falling from the roof. Due to this nail fatigue problem, the roof was leaking in different places and the homeowner could not re-decorate his house until the problem was solved. Despite numerous, sometimes costly, repairs carried out to the roof, the problem did not go away.

The Solution

The chosen installer for the project carried out a thorough survey of the roof and determined the exact problems that needed to be rectified, they also specified EduFoam sprayed insulation to be installed to the underside of the roof once all remedial repairs had been carried out in order to offer the homeowner a guarantee that the problems would be solved.

Once the roof had been suitably repaired, the installers applied a 50mm covering of EduFoam to the whole of the underside of the slate roof. As EduFoam is spray applied as a liquid, the foam adheres to all surfaces of the slate before curing to form a rigid layer of polyurethane insulation. Due to the unique nature of application, EduFoam insulation not only forms a monolithic layer of thermal insulation but also removes the need for fixing nails completely by holding the slates together and to the roof structure. On completion of the works, the homeowner received a 25 year guarantee on the roof which also comes with 10 years insurance backing to provide complete peace of mind.

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