Insulated Lintels

When manufacturing lintels to be used in new buildings or renovations, thermal insulation plays a big part in specification due to ever tightening Building Regulations. Also, when carrying out renovation work where existing, un-insulated lintels are present, thermal insulation should be taken into account.

Fully Insulated Lintels

Whether insulating new lintels during the manufacturing process, or looking to insulate existing lintels in-situ, Edu-Chem can supply all the materials, equipment and knowledge required to make the application a success. Using our polyurethane foam to insulate lintels can provide numerous benefits, including:

  • Lintel cavity fill - the polyurethane foam is injected as a liquid into the cavity, filling the void even in more complex shapes.
  • Eliminates air-movement - by filling the void within the lintel with high-performance insulation material, polyurethane will eliminate air movement within the cavity
  • Reduce heat transfer through the lintel - as our polyurethane systems are highly thermally efficient, heat transfer across the lintel will be drastically reduced.
  • Can be installed to new or existing lintels - even where lintels are already in-situ, our polyurethane systems can be injected to provide far greater insulation levels.


When manufacturing lintels, Edu-Chem can supply all the necessary equipment, materials, advice, training and support to enable manufacturers to insulate the lintels in-house. We can provide advice on the right machinery, right materials, methods of application, equipment maintenance and technical support, allowing manufacturers to produce high quality, fully insulated lintels within their existing premises.

Where existing lintels require insulating, Edu-Chem can not only offer all the services above, we also have a nationwide network of recommended installers who can carry out the work required on-site to the highest of standards.

Superior Quality Insulation

When compared to other forms of insulation, polyurethane provides superior thermal conductivity values and greater resistance to the passage of air and moisture. Polyurethane foams are available with numerous different qualities and values, most of which can be tailored around the specific project. Where environmental impacts are high on the agenda, polyurethane foams are available which are ‘blown’ with water and therefore contain no CFC’s, HFC’s. HCFC’s or other harmful gases.

For more information on our insulation systems for lintels, please feel free to call us on 0161 876 8040 or click here to contact us online.

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