Narrow Boat Insulation

EduFoam sprayed insulation provides the ideal solution to insulate and prevent condensation in narrow boats, wide beam boats, dutch barges, cruisers and virtually any other form of marine craft. When building or fully renovating a narrow boat, one of the most important factors to consider is the insulation. As a narrow boat’s life is generally spent sat in relatively cold water, and the boat occupants more often than not want to feel warm and comfortable inside the boat, insulation plays a key part in the overall function not only of keeping the boat warm but also preventing any condensation forming on the colder steel hull.

As EduFoam insulation is spray applied directly to the inside of the hull, rather than attempting to mechanically fix rigid boards or batts, there are no gaps present which could present problems of ‘cold-spots’ in the future. The insulation is spray applied as a liquid through specialised machinery and equipment, once sprayed to the hull the foam will expand and ‘cure’ to form a rigid layer of insulation with no gaps or thermal bridges. Being applied as a liquid also allows the foam to get into any voids and behind any gaps in battening, this drastically reduces any thermal bridging and prevents any condensation from forming.

Narrow Boat Getting Spray Insulation

Narrow Boat Fully Spray Insulated










Why Choose Sprayed Foam Boat Insulation?

EduFoam spray insulation offers many benefits over other, more traditional forms of boat insulation, including:

  • Speed of application -- typical narrow boats can be fully insulated within a few hours
  • Spray applied rather than mechanically fixed -- no labour-intensive cutting and fixing needed
  • Applied directly to the surface -- even profiled surfaces or more complex shapes can be insulated quickly and easily, with no gaps between the insulation and the surface
  • Excellent insulation values -- insulation levels can be achieved with the minimum depth of insulation, saving valuable internal space
  • Eliminates risk of condensation -- EduFoam insulation has excellent thermal insulation values, a very high resistance to water vapour and when installed leaves no thermal bridges in the structure, all meaning that condensation is prevented from forming and damaging internal boarding or fixtures.


How Much Insulation Will You Need?

When building or renovating narrowboats, one of the major factors when thinking of insulation is the depth required to achieve a comfortable level. As the space is limited within narrow boats, generally people are looking to install as little depth as possible of insulation to reach the levels of internal comfort they require. EduFoam insulation provides around twice the insulation levels of mineral wool insulation, and is also applied with no fixings to reduce depth further, so the same insulation levels can be achieved with around half the depth. On a typical narrow boat build, where 1 inch battens are installed to the surface, comfortable levels of insulation can be achieved with only around 1 inch of EduFoam insulation. This also allows the builder or renovator to achieve the insulation they are looking for, whilst also keeping it behind the face of the battens and delivering valuable space savings.

How Much Will It Cost?

Every installation is carried out by trained and experienced contractors using our specialised material, as every job will vary we leave it to the contractors to provide prices for supply and installation. If you would like to speak to one of our recommended contractors, who can normally provide ideas on price over the phone, please feel free to call us on 0161 876 8040 or click here to contact us directly and we will provide details of trained, recommended contractors in your area.

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