Buoyancy for Pontoons

EduFoam insulation can be used quickly and easily to provide added buoyancy, or simple void filling, in new and used pontoons and other flotation devices. Where used pontoons and other flotation devices get punctured and take on water, EduFoam can be used to fill the void to prevent the ingress of water and provide added buoyancy. New pontoons and flotation aids can designed to incorporate EduFoam insulation, preventing future problems of taking on water and maintaining the level of buoyancy throughout the life of the product.

How Does EduFoam Buoyancy Foam Work?

EduFoam is a closed-cell polyurethane foam insulation material which, for buoyancy purposes, is generally injected into voids using specialised machinery and contractors. As the foam is injected or poured into the voids as a liquid, it will fill the whole void -- even where complex shapes are concerned -- before ‘curing’ to form a rigid polyurethane foam. Due to the nature of application, and the closed-cell composition of the foam, once installed to a void the foam will prevent the ingress of water and fill any potential pockets where water could accumulate. As the foam cures to form a rigid cellular material, the structure of the foam will stay intact even when the vessel is punctured and will prevent the void taking on water.

Where Can EduFoam be Used?

Easily installed to a variety of different materials, EduFoam insulation is generally injected or poured directly into numerous applications, including:

  • Plastic pontoons
  • Metal pontoons
  • Flotation aids
  • Boat hulls
  • Punctured pontoons or flotation devices

Where it quickly ‘cures’ to form a closed-cell, highly water resistant rigid cellular material.

How Long Will It Last?

Once installed and fully cured, EduFoam buoyancy foam should last throughout the lifetime of the product in question.

More Information and Prices

We always recommend that contractors trained and experienced carry out installations using our materials, we can then be confident that the installations are carried out correctly and all parties are satisfied, for details of recommended contractors in your area feel free to contact us directly.

If you are looking to manufacture pontoons or similar devices and would be interested in using EduFoam, we are happy to provide all the information you require to make it a success. We can help with; equipment, materials, training, calculations and ongoing support for your manufacturing project as well as giving  any information and advice required. For more information on buoyancy foam, please feel free to call us on 0161 876 8040 or click here to contact us directly

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