Suspended Floor Insulation

According to official research, domestic homes can lose up to 15% of their heat through the floor. In many, particularly older, properties with suspended ground floors, heat loss and draughts can be a major issue and can often feel like more heat than this is being lost through those areas. Some properties may have cellars where the floorboards of the ground floor can be seen, others sometimes just have a crawl space underneath the house which may only be a few feet high. In both of these circumstances there is the likelihood that, particularly in winter, cold, uncomfortable draughts can get up through the floorboards and heat will be lost the other way.

Where these problems occur, EduFoam sprayed insulation can be installed to the underside of the floor to combat both heat loss and draughts. As EduFoam is spray applied, the insulation will mould itself to the underside of the floor and seal any gaps to prevent draughts from rising through the floorboards. Once installed, EduFoam ‘cures’ to form a rigid layer of insulation, similar in composition to rigid boards, providing excellent thermal insulation qualities and reducing heat loss through the floor areas. Due to the nature of installation of EduFoam, even areas which may seem impractical to insulate using other methods can usually be insulated quickly and easily -- in most cases, where a person can get into the space then EduFoam can be installed.

Whole House Insulation 

If you are considering, or have already had done, insulation in your roof space and cavity walls, where you have a suspended ground floor you could still be wasting money on heating and not getting the benefits you should. By insulating the underside of a suspended ground floor or the basement ceiling, you can notice the difference not only in your heating bills but also in comfort.

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