Solid and Timber Frame Wall Insulation

Insulating Walls Using a ‘Building Life’ Approach

When it comes to insulating the walls of a property, whether they are solid or timber framed, many people adopt a traditional approach whereby insulation is purely used to achieve a theoretical target -- generally the required ‘U’ value. While this approach is fine in principal, and will satisfy Building Control with regards insulation values, using insulation in this way sometimes does not take into account several factors:

  • Ageing factors of different materials
  • Long-term values of the insulation
  • Difficulty in installation/fitting -- especially around complex areas and services
  • Air-leakage

By looking at the insulation of walls using a ‘building life’ approach, many homeowners are now utilising the benefits of insulation products which will not only meet regulatory values now but will provide greater benefits throughout the whole life of the building. By adopting this approach, the added short-term cost of installing superior insulation products is far outweighed by the long-term benefits and comfort of the homeowners.

Investing in EduFoam Sprayed Insulation

Installing EduFoam sprayed insulation to the walls of a property will, more often than not, cost more than installing other, more traditional methods of insulation. Bearing this in mind, many architects, specifiers and contractors will often stick to traditional methods to meet ever increasing thermal insulation requirements. However, in our experience where people are building their own homes, or where architects are tasked with finding the best insulation available rather than the cheapest, EduFoam sprayed insulation is being recognised and utilised more and more. By investing in EduFoam sprayed insulation, homeowners are finding many benefits, including:

  • Vastly reduced, unwanted air-leakage and draughts
  • Greater energy-efficiency throughout the life of the building
  • No sagging or settling of the insulation which can cause cold-spots
  • Even difficult areas are insulated to the same high standards
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Reduction of noise from outside and services

Solid and timber frame external wall insulationInsulating walls with EduFoam insulation








Some Important Considerations When Investing in Insulation

What insulation value will I get -- both at the start and after a few years: EduFoam sprayed insulation can be installed to various depths to provide virtually any level of insulation. As the insulation will not sag or settle, and is unaffected by air or moisture intrusion, aged values vary very little from installed values meaning saving and comfort are maintained for years to come.

How much money will I save on heating: This will vary from house to house so no definitive answer can be given to cover everything. However, as EduFoam will not only provide thermal insulation but will also reduce unwanted air-leakage, savings on energy bills can be far greater than with other forms of insulation alone.

Why should I pay more to achieve the same ‘U’ value: As every home is different, paying more to achieve the same ‘U’ value will not make sense in some cases -- particularly where the ‘U’ value is the only concern. However, where homeowners want to invest in the best insulation products rather than the cheapest, EduFoam should be high up the list. One thing to consider; some of the most energy-intensive items in the home, such as fridges, freezers and hot water cylinders, have been using polyurethane insulation for years. Why? Because the manufacturers recognise that using PU for the insulation allows them to provide the best insulation, meaning your fridge can get an ‘A’ rating from the Government.


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