Roof Stabilisation

Nail fatigue and other deterioration of fixings is a common problem in many, particularly slate, roofs. Where the fixings, used to anchor the roof covering to the structure, have deteriorated or perished, the traditional remedy would be to completely strip and re-lay the roof covering. Although this method will solve the problem of perished fixings, it can also be extremely costly, disruptive and time consuming. Using EduFoam rigid foam insulation, spray applied to the underside of the roof covering, offers an alternative remedy which will completely solve the problem of nail fatigue, as well as offering further benefits, including:

  •  Excellent thermal insulation properties
  •  Reduced draughts through the roof and loft
  •  Increased air-tightness and reduction of unwanted air-leakage
  •  Minimum 25 Year guarantee on the roof covering, usually with a minimum 10 year insurance backed guarantee
  •  Sealing of the roof and preventing dust entering or falling into the loft
  •  Reduced noise from the exterior

Roof before the application of foam stabilisationDomestic roof after the application of stabilisation foam

Prior to the installation of EduFoam insulation, skilled contractors will prepare the roof to ensure:

  • Any slipped slates/tiles are re-positioned correctly
  • Any cracked, broken or missing slates/tiles are replaced
  • Any perishable components on the roof, such as; pointing, lead-work, glazing, are in a suitable condition
  • Any loose ‘back-pointing’ on the interior of the roof is removed
  • Any perished membrane on the interior is removed
  • All timbers are dry and free from any form of rot or degradation

Once the roof is fully prepared, and the contracting company are happy that it is in a suitable condition for the installation of EduFoam, they can then begin the process of installing the EduFoam system to the underside of the roof. The rigid foam system is spray applied as a liquid, using heated, high-pressure machinery, allowing it to bond to all surfaces and form a continuous layer of protection. Once applied, the EduFoam insulation will solidify to form a continuous membrane of rigid thermal insulation and a permanent bond with the slates/tiles. The bond formed by the EduFoam system provides protection against the future loss of slates/tiles, allowing contractors to provide homeowners with a guarantee on their roof for years to come.

For more information on the EduFoam roof stabilisation system, please take a look at the relevant sections below or call us on 0161 876 8040

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