Increasing the insulation of your home has many benefits for the occupants; lower heating bills, increased comfort and peace of mind being just a few. However, when it comes to long-term benefits and return on investments, EduFoam sprayed insulation could offer far more than some other forms of insulation. Whether you are planning  a loft conversion, extension or simply looking to make your money go further, EduFoam could offer the solution.

As EduFoam is spray applied to the roof, either directly to the covering or to a membrane, the foam will mould itself to the structure before setting to form a rigid layer of foam insulation. This unique application method means that not only will EduFoam provide outstanding thermal insulation values, it will also dramatically reduce unwanted air-leakage both into and out of the loft area. Investing in EduFoam insulation for your home can provide numerous benefits, including:

Money Saving -- EduFoam offers among the best thermal insulation values available on the market, reducing heating bills and achieving the same level of insulation with less depth of material. Also, by insulating the roof of your home rather than the loft floor, if you have a water tank in the loft the water will be kept at a warmer temperature year-round and will cost less to heat when needed.

Future Return-on-Investment -- Unlike some forms of insulation, EduFoam sprayed insulation does not suffer from sagging, settling, moisture intrusion or other forms of degradation, meaning the level of insulation you get today will be the same for the life of the structure.

Peace of Mind -- Insulating the roof of your home rather than the loft floor can also prevent freezing pipes in the loft in winter, ruling out the possibility of cracked pipes due to freezing/thawing. When EduFoam is applied directly to the roof covering by approved contractors, you will also get a guarantee on your roof covering against future problems of slate/tile loss and leaks.


Roof Insulated with Sprayed Foam

Complex Roof Insulated with EduFoam









When insulating roofs, particularly where high insulation values have to be met, using traditional forms of insulation can often be time consuming and labour intensive. Installing EduFoam sprayed insulation to meet insulation targets can not only be carried out far more quickly, it will often save valuable space within lofts by meeting the targets with less overall depth of insulation. In the majority of cases EduFoam can be installed without the ventilation cavity required by other forms of insulation, this can save on overall depth of insulation and can often mean the original rafters can be used to fix boards directly without the need for extra timber.

If you are considering insulating your roof, whether this is for a conversion or simply for your comfort, we can provide insulation value calculations as well as condensation risk analysis calculations specific to your project.

For more information on EduFoam roof insulation, please feel free to call us on 0161 876 8040 or click here to contact us directly.

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