Offering your clients the opportunity to invest in EduFoam polyurethane roof insulation provides both contractor and homeowner with numerous benefits, including:

  • Building Regulation thermal insulation values can be achieved with less depth of foam than other forms of insulation – saving space, labour and disruption
  • EduFoam insulation is applied quickly and easily to virtually any size, shape or substrate – minimal preparation work required and usually no need for air-gaps or counter-battening
  • Sprayed foam can be applied directly to the roof covering or membrane and will not usually require ventilation – save money on preparation and guarantees the roof against tile/slate loss or leaks
  • Save money on heating/cooling – seals against unwanted air-leakage as well as thermal insulation allowing heating/cooling to work more efficiently

Guides to U-values and depths achieved with EduFoam insulation – values derived from insulation only, no account taken of construction or thermal bridging

Depth of foam (mm) Approx U-value (W/m2 0C)
25 0.96
50 0.48
75 0.32
100 0.24
120 0.2
150 0.16


Brief Technical Information on Roof Insulation Foam

Properties Value Test Method
Compressive Strength 0.33Mpa ISO 844
Dimensional Stability (700C) <0.3% ISO 2790
Thermal Conductivity Coeff 0.024 W/m K ISO 8301
Closed Cells 99% ISO 4590
Burning Characteristics Class One BS 476 Part 7, 1997


Benefits of using Edu-Chem to supply your polyurethane business:

  • Advice, service and support backed by over 75 years combined experience in the polyurethane industry
  • Troubleshooting on your equipment to keep you working
  • Deliveries to suit you – including next day materials and spares
  • Technical backup, including U-value calculations and certification

If you would like to know more about our products and services, please feel free to call us on 0161 876 8040 or click here to contact us directly

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