Roof Insulation

EduFoam sprayed polyurethane insulation can provide a superior level of insulation to domestic roofs, when compared to other more traditional methods of insulation. As EduFoam insulation is spray applied to the underside of the roof, allowing it to seek and seal gaps and mould itself to the shape of the structure, it is one of the only forms of insulation available which combats all three forms of heat loss in buildings; conduction, convection and radiation. Polyurethane foam has been the insulating material of choice for many years in some of the most energy-intensive items in the home; hot water cylinders, fridges and freezers among others, and is trusted the world over to out-perform other insulating materials.

As foam insulation has little to no loss of properties throughout its life, as opposed to other methods of insulation, you can expect an excellent return on investment for years to come, which will only increase with the increase in utility bills.

Just a few of the benefits of spray applied foam insulation:

  • Easily applied to even the trickiest of roof shapes and structures
  • Vastly reduces unwanted air leakage
  • Meets and exceeds Building Regulations with regards to thermal insulation
  • Can satisfy Building Regulations in respect of controlling condensation
  • Extremely durable, with little or no loss of properties over time
  • Superior space savings compared to other forms of insulation

Foam roof insulation being spray appliedFoam insulation between rafters of a roof

Using EduFoam spray applied insulation, whether applied directly to the roof covering or to a membrane, can bring the roof structure up to modern Building Regulations standards quickly and easily for loft conversions, extensions, new builds or simply to create a warmer, more usable space. Insulating the roof directly can also safeguard against frozen pipes and tanks in the loft, by creating a more temperature controlled space.

As EduFoam also seals against unwanted air infiltration/leakage, dust, wind-driven rain and snow and other pollutants can also be kept out of the loft to create a warm, dry and clean space to be used for any purpose.

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