Internal Applications

EduFoam rigid sprayed insulation is widely used in commercial and industrial buildings, not just to provide added thermal insulation but also to reduce unwanted air-leakage through gaps in the building envelope and at junctions of building components. As EduFoam is spray applied as a liquid, rather than mechanically fixed, the insulation will mould itself to all the contours of the surface to provide a seamless layer of insulation -- even on profiled and other uneven surfaces and awkward areas.

EduFoam sprayed insulation is ideal for use in virtually any type of commercial building, such as; factories, warehouses, workshops, offices and more. When used internally, EduFoam offers excellent thermal insulation properties as well as draught-proofing, allowing building occupants far greater control over internal temperatures and conditions. When buildings require not only control over the internal conditions but cleanliness as well, EduFoam insulation offers the benefit of being able to withstand power washing without being damaged or losing any of its original properties. EduFoam can also be painted or coated once installed, allowing building owners and occupants to choose finished colouring or purpose.

Almost any size or shape or building, and the majority of substrates, can benefit from the installation of EduFoam insulation. As the insulation is spray applied using heated, proportioned and pressurised machinery, EduFoam bonds directly to the surface being insulated and ‘cures’ to form a rigid layer of insulation. This method of installation allows EduFoam to offer a consistent level of insulation throughout the area being insulated, eliminating ‘cold-spots’ and thermal bridges and ensuring that heat loss paths are dramatically reduced. As well as the level of thermal insulation provided, EduFoam can be applied into gaps and junctions at eaves and walls where it will seal against unwanted air-leakage and entry points for birds, rodents and other pests.

Factory Building Insulated with EduFoam
Warehouse building waiting to be insulated with sprayed foam









Due to the installation method of EduFoam, it is suitable for internal applications, such as; roofs, walls, floors and draught-proofing in just about any construction. Some of the more common internal applications of EduFoam are:

  • Metal roof insulation
  • Metal wall insulation
  • Fibre cement roof insulation
  • Draught-proofing
  • Sealing gaps in eaves and ridge
  • Factories and warehouse building insulation

When considering types of insulation for commercial and industrial buildings, EduFoam will not provide the cheapest solution. However, when considering the best ways to insulate these buildings, EduFoam sprayed insulation will provide one of the most effective solutions.

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