External Applications

When used externally, EduFoam can not only provide excellent thermal insulation but can also water-proof and prolong the life of some older roofs. Where older roofs on commercial buildings have started to fail -- such as through cracks in the roof sheets, leaks through bolt holes or general ageing -- EduFoam can be used to seal and weather-proof the roof completely without the disruption of removing and replacing the roof sheets. Also, where commercial buildings are in constant use, it may not be practical to install thermal insulation to the interior of the building. In these circumstances EduFoam can be installed to the exterior of the building, increasing the level of insulation without impacting upon the buildings productivity.

Long-Lasting Protection

With an extremely high closed-cell content, EduFoam offers an excellent solution for the water-proofing of older roofs on factories and other commercial buildings. The sprayed foam system can be applied to virtually any -- suitably prepared -- roofing material, and once applied will form a permanent bond with the surface to ensure a lasting solution even in harsh weather conditions. Once applied externally, EduFoam offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Water-proofing of older roofs
  • Seamless layer of protection ensuring no unsealed joints
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties
  • Added structural strength to the whole roof
  • Bonding of the roof sheets – giving greater resistance against wind-uplift

When used externally, and installed by Edu-Chem approved contractors, EduFoam insulation should be protected from UV radiation and other degradation using a suitable coating. These coatings can be advised by the contractors for the specific project to perform the necessary function. All external applications of EduFoam should be carried out by trained and approved contractors working to Edu-Chem’s technical specification, as well as ensuring that work is carried out in accordance with BS 7021: 1989.

Save Money on Heating and Maintenance

Rather than paying for regular maintenance to older roofs, such as when leaks start to come through bolt holes or cracks develop in the sheeting, one installation of EduFoam rigid foam insulation to the exterior of the roof can provide savings for many years to come. When carried out by recommended contractors, installing EduFoam can provide a maintenance free roof, guaranteed for many years to come. As well as saving money on roof maintenance, EduFoam provides excellent levels of thermal insulation and draught-proofing to drastically reduce heat loss and save money on heating bills.

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