Polystyrene Coating

For this project, Edu-Chem worked alongside one of our approved partners to create a show-piece exhibition item to be seen by millions of people worldwide. One of our coating systems was specified to coat and protect large polystyrene models of rugby balls, these were to be used prior to kick off in all of the Rugby Autumn Internationals at Twickenham in 2012 to provide a grand entrance for England and their opponents.

The polystyrene models were designed, cut and formed to provide the shape and size of the finished article. Being made out of polystyrene meant that the models were fragile and susceptible to damage, both in transport and when being put in-situ. In order to protect the polystyrene, our coating system was to be applied to the whole external surface to provide a full protective coverage.

Polystyrene model of the rugby ball

Edu-Chem were given the original brief for the project and used this to specify the correct coating system, as well as the right application equipment for the job. Once the polystyrene model was delivered to us, we then set about applying the protective polyurea coating to the external surface.

In order to correctly apply the coating system, we used Graco high-pressure application equipment and set the temperatures to provide the ideal viscosity of the materials. When the Graco equipment was set-up and ready, the polyurea coating system was then applied to the entire external surface in passes and ‘built up’ to the optimal protective thickness.

Once the protective coating was fully applied and cured, the polystyrene model ball was finished and ready to be transported to where it was to have its final paint and decoration. The polyurea coating applied over the ball was fully bonded to the whole of the polystyrene surface with no flaking or patches,  protecting the ball from damage and allowing the decoration to be applied directly over the top.


Polystyrene ball coated with polyurea

Finished ball










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