Case Studies

Polyurethane foam insulation has been the insulation material of choice for energy-intensive items for years -- fridges and freezers can achieve the highest energy efficiency rating, whilst remaining at a reasonable size, by incorporating polyurethane foam rather than other forms of insulation. Not only does PU foam provide excellent energy-efficiency in household items, homes and business premises throughout the country can also benefit by investing in foam insulation to cut heating bills and save money for years to come. As one of the only forms of insulation not to suffer from problems of; age, sagging, settling, moisture intrusion and other degradation, polyurethane foam insulation will keep providing the same savings for as long as it is in place.

Edu-Chem supply a wide range of polyurethane systems, both to the contracting industry and for factory applications, and have been involved in numerous case studies in a range of areas. For more information on any of these case studies, please take a look through the sections below or feel free to contact us.

Slate Roof Stabilisation

Slate roof on a domestic property suffering from nail fatigue, EduFoam was used to stabilise and guarantee the roof for 25 Years

Polystyrene Coating

Polystyrene models needed coating to protect them in transport and provide added strength and rigidity for the finished product

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