New Graco Reactor IP

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Graco is pleased to introduce the latest addition to the Reactor proportioner family, the Reactor IP. This entry-level system, designed for rigid and flexible in-plant polyurethane foam processing applications, is available immediately. Designed for precision dispensing, the Reactor IP accurately measures the volume of material poured and provides repeatability for consistent parts production. Traditional Reactor proportioners are used in spray foam insulation applications, whereas the Reactor IP is used in a wide variety of in-plant foam applications such as architectural products, insulation for refrigeration units, or cores for snowboards or surfboards, to name a few. The Reactor IP bare unit includes a shot controller and linear transducer.

There is also a package version that includes a 25 ft hose, a whip hose and an AR gun. Graco offers two different models, the Reactor IPH-25 and Reactor IPH-40. The shot controller works in combination with a linear transducer that is installed on the horizontal pump. The unit can be set to manual or automated mode. In automated mode, up to 25 pre-programmed shots and five sequences (a combination of up to 10 shots in a pre-defined order) can be entered into the unit.

When the gun is triggered, the pump starts the motion, and the system monitors the exact distance needed to move to achieve the pre-set amount. For example, if you set the equipment for a 210 cc shot, then after the gun is triggered, the system will start pouring the material until the desired amount is dispensed. The Reactor IP is available in two models:

  • Reactor IPH-25 with flow rates of 25 lb/min (11.3 kg/min)
  • Reactor IPH-40 with flow rates of 50 lb/min (22.6 kg/min)

Features & benefits The Reactor IP is a cost-effective solution to in-plant foam applications and offers the following features:

  • Local control module – allows up to 25 programmable shot settings and five shot sequence.
  • Accurately controls the amount of material to dispense.
  • Easy clean-up – no gun purging, no solvent flush Easy start-up and shutdown.

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