Graco Spray Equipment

Edu-Chem are approved distributors of a full range of Graco plural component spray equipment, with a wide range of spray machines, guns, pumps, parts and spares kept in stock to allow us to provide a next day delivery service on many items. Whether you are looking to buy a new Graco Reactor for your polyurethane business, or you need to get a new chamber for your spray gun to keep you working, Edu-Chem can deliver what you want when you need it.

Our experienced team can provide advice and assistance on virtually any Graco equipment, including; Electric, Hydraulic or Pneumatic Spray Machines, Manual or Auto Spray Guns, Diaphragm Pumps, Transfer Pumps, Heated or Cold Hoses, Parts and Spares

For more information on our range of Graco equipment, please take a look through the relevant sections below or feel free to contact us directly if you have a specific question

Graco Foam Machines

Graco's reliable, high-performance polyurethane sprayfoam proportioning machines, designed to give you superior performance, control and accuracy for your spray foam insulation work

Graco Hoses

Complete range of Graco heated, power-lock hoses, available in high and low pressure and designed to help maintain correct fluid temperature when spraying

Graco Coating Machines

State-of-the-art Graco proportioning equipment designed to give superior performance when applying polyurethane, polyurethane-hybrid, polyurea and other fast-set coating materials

Spray Guns

Complete range of Graco spray guns suitable for any plural-component spray work, from small joint-fill jobs right up to in-plant and construction applications

Pumps and Agitators

Supply pumps - either 'stick' or diaphragm, designed to give you the right supply to your proportioning system as well as agitators with patented helix-shaped mixing blades for superior performance.

Technical Support to Keep You Working

Our technical support team is dedicated to providing advice, troubleshooting and maintenance to keep you working.

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