Reactor IP

Graco's Reactor IP entry-level system, designed for rigid and flexible in-plant polyurethane foam processing applications, is available immediately. Designed for precision dispensing, the Reactor IP accurately measures the volume of material poured and provides repeatability for consistent parts production.

  • Bare unit includes a shot controller and linear transducer
  • Can be set to manual or automated mode
  • Up to 25 pre-programmed shots and 5 sequences
  • Easy clean-up – no gun purging, no solvent flush Easy start-up and shutdown

Air requirements:28 scfm (12 l/sec)
Heater wattage and power (6.0kW heater):40A-230V, 1-ph; 32A-230V, 3-ph; 18.5A-380V, 3-ph
Maximum output:25 lb/min (11.4 kg/min)
Maximum fluid working pressure:2000 psi (138 bar, 13.8 MPa)
Maximum fluid temperature: 190° F (88° C)
Maximum hose length:210 ft (64 m)
Applications:Wall insulation, roof insulation, in-plant OEM, adhesives and caulk, rim and band joist

Price: £0.00


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