Reactor H-40

Graco's Reactor H-40 high output hydraulic proportioner is engineered for increased yield, productivity and efficiency, especially on high volume polyurethane spray applications.

  • Ideal for high volume roofing and insulation and high output coating applications
  • New recirculation valves redesigned to prevent failures due to chrystallisation
  • New lightweight hydraulics with 3.25 gallon tank
  • New troubleshooting Y-strainer


Heater wattage and power (12.0kW heater):100A-230V-1-ph
Heater wattage and power (15.3kW heater):71A-230V-1-ph; 41A-400V-3ph
Maximum output:45 lb/min (20 kg/min)
Maximum fluid working pressure:2000 psi (138 bar, 13.8 MPa)
Maximum fluid temperature: 190° F (88° C)
Maximum hose length:410 ft (64 m)
Applications:Roof insulation, high-volume residential insulation, high-volume in-plant OEM

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