Condensation Prevention in Storage Unit

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Case Study – Condensation Prevention in Storage Unit

The Situation

This storage unit had been built by the land owner to rent out to a separate company, this company wanted to use the unit to store paper and card stocks for their printing business. As the unit had been built using a steel frame and single-skin steel profile cladding sheets, as soon as the weather turned colder the clients found that condensation was dripping from the roof supports throughout the building and damaging the stock held inside.

The Solution

The chosen installer for the project carried out a thorough assessment of the building to determine the exact nature of the problem, after their findings they recommended that the whole of the roof – including any potential thermal bridges such as the steel purlins – be insulated using EduFoam sprayed insulation to a depth of 25mm.

The work was arranged for when the roof was dried out, to allow the insulation to adhere correctly, and the installers set about retro-fitting insulation to the roof. As EduFoam C150 is spray applied as a liquid, it will seek and seal any difficult areas before curing to form a rigid layer of thermal insulation. Being applied directly to the surface of the cladding, including in all the profiles of the sheets, means that EduFoam insulation will raise the internal surface temperature of the cladding to prevent any condensation forming in the future, while at the same time having no weak points which can act as a thermal bridge and significantly reduce the effectiveness of the installation.

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